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March 22, 2013

Randy and Tim Burke are proud to have been a part of a successful campaign for the United Way Kawartha Lakes over the past 7 months.  Total funds raised: $473,519!! The residents and businesses of the Kawartha Lakes really stepped up to the plate this year, contributing to the largest campaign in United Way Kawartha Lakes history.  It's really great to see this kind of community support and engagement!!

 August 24,  2012


Lindsay, ON – Randy and Tim Burke of Lindsay businesses 'Evergreen Home and Cottage' and 'Evergreen Power Ltd.' were announced as co-chairs of the 2012 United Way City of Kawartha Lakes campaign on Wednesday.
Executive director Penny Barton Dyke also announced this year's fundraising target will be $500,000, up $50,000 from last year.

The 2012 campaign was also introduced, comprising Beth Dowell, Allyssa Adams and Graham Bashford.
Speaking of the co-chairs, Barton Dyke said “both are community leaders and recognized as business leaders. Building a business is like building a community.”

She added “Since 2000 (Evergreen) have made a positive impact in our community being awarded the accessibility award in 2008, friend of youth award in 2009, and entrepreneurial excellence award in 2010 just to name a few.“

Randy Burke said “The opportunity to give back to the community in which we live is important, knowing that one in three individuals we encounter on a daily basis have been touched by one of the 15 agencies that United Way supports is inspiring to say the least. Evergreen prides itself on excellence and commitment to quality in all of our projects, and if we can lend our time and resources to the success of a $500,000 campaign, we are happy to do so.”

Tim Burke added “The important part is United Way is a community organization we have respect for.”
As for the half-a-million-dollar milestone, Barton Dyke said “I don't think it's a surprise. We have talked about $500,000 before. Each year we step it up a little bit. Our goal is to raise as much as we can.”
She added that she is confident the city can reach its goal again this year.

“We live in a great community, making change happen. People support people right here. I think it will be a great campaign. Exciting.”
Since 2001, more than $3.4 million has been invested into 15 agencies around our community through United Way City of Kawartha Lakes.

This year's campaign kick-off will be held at the Lindsay Golf and Country Club, from 7.30 a.m, on Sept. 11. Contact for more information.

October 17, 2011

Lindsay, ON – Evergreen Power Ltd is proud to announce that they are now offering the only micro-inverter on the market that is suitable for Ontario operating conditions.

The Enecsys micro-inverter is a single compact unit that converts the DC power from the solar module to AC power for supply to the electricity grid without the need for a string or central inverter. This technology improves the efficiency of solar installations on rooftops with partial shading or complex rooflines.  

More benefits include:

  • Module-level MPPT reduces power loss due to soiling or degradation modules
  • The service life of Enecsys micro-inverters is equivalent to that of higher quality PV modules
  • Comprehensive web-based monitoring and a communications system that analyzes and reports the performance of each solar module within the PV array
  • Simplification of PV array design
  • Reduce/eliminate wall space required for mounting string inverters

Please check out the link below to view a video on Enecsys Micro Inverters

Download PDF of Enecsys micro-inverter specs

OCTOBER 3, 2011


Lindsay, ON – Evergreen Power Ltd greeted Premier Dalton McGuinty last Friday night at a rally held at the Lindsay Rugby Football Club.

McGuinty has been busy on the campaign trail making appearances around the province showing his support to his fellow MPP’s. It came as no surprise when McGuinty showed up to a rally held in the riding of Kawartha Lakes Haliburton Brock, where he showed his support for the local candidate, Rick Johnson.

McGuinty’s bus pulled up to a crowd of Evergreen Power employees who proudly wore shirts that read, “Green Power gave me a job” and “Green Energy sector employees needed ASAP! Please call 1-866-846-9252”.

“It was important to show the Premier that many people in the city of Kawartha Lakes have jobs in the energy sector, specifically because of the Green Energy Act,” says Jennifer Otterwell, Controller at Evergreen Power Ltd.  “We wanted to personally thank Mr. McGuinty for being a leader in the energy sector and stress the importance in continuing to move forward with Green Energy.”


Solar industry beams as Canada Revenue clears HST haze surrounding Ontario microFIT projects

OTTAWA Sept. 22, 2011- The Canadian Solar Industries Association is pleased recent Canada Revenue Agency activity is clearing up tax confusion regarding the HST refund on microFIT solar PV systems.

In May 2011 a directive was issued to all CRA agents to hold all refunds for microFIT projects that did not meet the definition of being on commercial property or on property used at least 90 per cent for commercial purposes.  The issue in question was whether a solar power system was considered to be partially or totally a home renovation.

CanSIA obtained an independent legal opinion on behalf of it members supporting the HST input taxcreditclaims and made a submission to the CRA on behalf of microFIT system owners (see Submission).

Last week members began receiving letters from CRA informing them that their HST ITC claims may be approved. This week CRA posted an information sheet- The GST/HST Implications of the Acquisition of Solar Panels Under the micro Feed-in Tariff Program in Ontario - which clarifies the situation.

"We are very happy to see that the CRA is starting to allow HST claims on eligible microFIT projects," said Elizabeth McDonald, CanSIA President. "The purchase and installation of microFIT solar systems will now be interpreted as a 'Capital Personal Property' which is eligible for an ITC, instead of as a 'Capital Real Property' which isn't. Our members are happy that through our combined efforts, the issues were heard and understood."

The Canadian Solar Industries Association is a national trade association that represents approximately 650 solar energy companies throughout Canada. Since 1992, CanSIA has worked to develop a strong, efficient, ethical and professional Canadian solar energy industry with capacity to provide innovative solar energy solutions and to play a major role in the global transition to a sustainable, clean-energy future.


July 22, 2011


Lindsay, ON – Evergreen Power Ltd. donated services valued at $55,000 to Community Care’s new Village Housing project.

Evergreen Power, a locally run solar energy business, just recently installed a 10 kW MicroFIT Solar Electric system, as well as a Solar Thermal Energy system mounted on the rooftop of the Village Housing building. As a thank you to the community and their business over the past 10 years, Evergreen Power decided to donate their labour and professional services to this project.

“Evergreen’s contribution helped the green technology features advance from concept to reality,” says Valmay Barkey, former CEO of Community Care City of Kawartha Lakes. “We were most grateful for the expertise of the company staff as we explored the addition of the photovoltaic and solar thermal features which had great potential benefit to the residents and the project as a whole.”

“Evergreen recognizes that Seniors are an important part of our growing community; we want to demonstrate how Solar Energy can reduce living costs for seniors on fixed incomes,” says Tim Burke, COO of Evergreen Power Ltd.  “The MicroFIT system will reduce Hydro costs at the building by more than $10,000 per year, and the Solar Thermal system will reduce consumption of natural gas by 20 to 30%.  Evergreen is proud to be involved with other charitable solar projects providing energy to people in need; later this year we will be installing a solar electric system on a remote school in Haiti, where electrical power has not previously been available or affordable.”

Join us for a MicroFIT Solar Power Information Night

Tuesday July 26, 2011

Where - Mill Run Golf Course, Uxbridge

Time - 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Wednesday July 27, 2011

Where - Comfort Inn, Smith Falls

Time - 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

* Light refreshments will be available *

June 29, 2011

Tim Burke Stands up for Solar

Lindsay, ON – Evergreen Power Ltd announced today that Chief Operating Officer, Tim Burke, has volunteered to be the “Solar Ambassador” for the riding of Kawartha Lakes- Haliburton-Brock. 

The Canadian Solar Industry Association (CanSIA) has established a group of “Solar Ambassadors” to educate and inform people within their riding on the importance of solar energy. Overall, Ontarians support solar energy for their homes, businesses, and communities. They believe that solar is having a positive impact on the province’s manufacturing and construction job sectors, and recognize the role that solar is playing for a cleaner, greener Ontario.

“It is important that Ontarians understand the benefits of diversifying our energy sources through the Clean Energy Act,” says Burke. “Electricity generated by solar photovoltaic systems is an efficient and economically viable source of energy around the world.  The rapid growth of the solar industry in Ontario is positioning the province well for export into the global energy economy, and is having a direct local impact on job growth in the Haliburton-Kawartha Lakes-Brock region.”

Key Points from a recent poll:
-          89%of Ontario citizens support solar energy
-          93%of Ontario citizens support the installations of solar panels on rooftops to generate electricity in their                  community
-          95%of Ontario citizens believe that replacing coal plants with solar would be better for air quality

June 28, 2011

Evergreen Partners with local housing project to go 'Green'

Lindsay, ON – Community Care’s new Village Housing project will help to reduce Lindsay’s carbon footprint, thanks to Evergreen Power Ltd.

On Tuesday June 28, 2011 Community Care City of Kawartha Lakes cut the ribbon in celebration of the new Village Housing building. Working with community partners as well as various levels of government is what made this dream become a reality. Evergreen Power Ltd, a locally run solar energy company, is proud to be a part of this project.

“Evergreen worked with Community Care early in the construction of this new facility to identify uses of solar technology that could reduce the operating cost of the building,” says Tim Burke, COO of Evergreen Power.  “We decided to donate our labour and professional services to this project as a thank you to our community and our customers for their business over the past 10 years.”

Evergreen installed a 10 kW MicroFIT Solar Electric system mounted on the rooftop of the Village Housing building, located at 65 Melbourne Street. Community Care will earn up to $12,000 per year by selling the electricity generated by the system to Hydro One.  Evergreen also installed a Solar Thermal energy system on the building to reduce the amount of natural gas consumed by the hot water heating system. 

“Evergreen recognizes that Seniors are an important part of our growing community; we want to demonstrate how Solar Energy can reduce living costs for seniors on fixed incomes,” said Burke.
Tim Burke explains how  the Solar Thermal Energy System works to Mayor Ric McGee, MPP Rick Johnson and MP Barry Devolin.

June 1, 2011  - NEW WEBSITE LIVE!

Our new website is now live, hope you are enjoying it!!

May 18, 2011 - Nellie McClung School FIT project begins

After a few days of rain delay, installation of the racking system at Nellie McClung school in Vaughn began this morning.  Evergreen Power has been contracted by the York Region School Board to supply and install an 82kW FIT system that will cover about 70% of the school with PV modules.  Read more about this project in our Projects Section!

May 16, 2011 - Orchard 3 School FIT project begins

Work began in earnest this morning at Orchard 3 school in Burlington.  Evergreen Power has been contracted by the Halton District School Board to supply and install a 95kW FIT system, covering almost the entire roof of the school with PV modules!!  Read more about this project in our Projects Section! 

march 16, 2011  - solar tracker launch successful!

Despite the rain, over 50 visitors attended our 10KW Solar Tracker Launch on March 16th in Lindsay.  MPP Rick Johnson spoke about the effectiveness of the Green Energy Act in promoting clean and renewable energy production, and the  resulting job creation in the new Ontario Green Economy.  MP Barry Devolin explained how the local CFDC assisted in providing loan funding under the Eastern Ontario Development Fund to enable Evergreen to install their showcase solar system.  Mayor Ric McGee congratulated the Burke family on their business success and participation in the green economy in the City of Kawartha Lakes. COO Tim Burke explained how the solar system works and why it is a good investment today, under the Microfit program.  It was also interesting to note, that despite the cloudy, rainy weather conditions, the solar system was still producing electricity.

From Left to Right: Rick Johnson, MPP; Randy Burke, President of EPL; Ric McGee, Mayor; Tim Burke, COO of EPL; Barry Devolin, MP

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