microFIT | frequent questions

How much does a solar PV system cost?

MicroFIT systems cost $4 - $6 per watt installed, subject to site conditions.  All equipment, installation, structural engineering, and ESA inspections are included in this cost.  Evergreen Power has established long term supply agreements with PV equipment manufacturers ensures that our customers receive the best price for premium quality equipment. 

Will my system pay for itself?

Yes. Your purchase is a green investment that will provide you with a reliable financial return as well as lowering your carbon footprint. MicroFIT system owners can expect to recover their capital costs within the first 7 - 9 years of their 20 year OPA contract and continue to earn a 8 - 12% return on their investment.  The capital cost of the system may be written off against any income from the system, effectively eliminating any income tax payable on your microFIT revenue. 

How much maintenance will I have to do?

Very little. MicroFIT system owners should regularly check their inverters for system fault codes, and ensure that the PV panels stay clean and unshaded. We recommend that you wash your panels annually with low-pressure water (garden hose), no soap or cleaners required.  Dual-axis tracker systems require scheduled lubrication and maintenance to ensure they run reliably.  Annual maintenance service programs are available from Evergreen Power.

How do I know if my location will work for solar?

You must have significant south facing exposure for solar power, with minimal tree shading. Our professional sales staff will evaluate your location and provide you with a detailed analysis of your "solar potential".  Our staff will also contact your LDC on your behalf to confirm that microFIT connection capacity is not restricted in your area. 

Can my MicroFIT contract be terminated or the rate reduced?

No. Your contract is guaranteed to pay you the established MicroFIT rate for the entire 20 year contract term. Your contract can be transferred to a new property owner if you sell your property. Please review the MicroFIT program rules at www.powerauthority.on.ca/fit.

Can I get insurance for my MicroFIT system?

Yes, insurance is available through most major insurance companies to cover weather damage, fire, theft, vandalism, etc. Most companies will insure a 10kW system for $400/year before discounts are applied (for example, if you insure your house or business with the same insurance company, your cost to insure your MicroFIT system will be reduced).