Green Schools Pilot Initiative

The Ontario Ministry of Education contracted Evergreen Power in the fall of 2009 to design and install fourteen 10kW microFIT systems on schools across the province.  Schools were chosen in Windsor, Burlington, Mississauga, Newmarket, Sudbury, and Brampton.  The Halton District School Board lead the project and was Evergreen Power's primary contact throughout the project.  Evergreen Power installed the systems over a 5 month period from March to July 2010.  Each system is equipped with performance monitoring equipment that provides data for use in the schools' math and science curriculum.  Lobby display monitors show students how energy is being generated by the system, and what percentage of the school's energy consumption is coming from a renewable resource.  

Project Details:

System Size: 14 x 10 KW AC
Connection Type: Parallel 3-phase
Equipment List:
In-Service Date: July 2010
Location: Windsor, Sudbury, GTA